Breakfast Restaurant Guide
Breakfast Restaurant Guide

Breakfast Restaurant Guide

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The Breakfast Restaurant Guide was designed to help you occasionally indulge at a restaurant without setting you back in your weight loss journey. 

The guide includes 30 restaurants listed below (please check if they are available in your region before purchasing, as we do not issue refunds for submitted documents).

The guide includes detailed instructions and an easy to follow system so that you don’t have to calculate anything. The plan can be used to supplement one of our other plans (by replacing Meal One in our Low Carb/IF/Crossfit/Keto plans) or can be followed as a stand alone plan.

1. Caribou
2. McDonald’s
3. Costa Coffee
4. Coffee Bean
5. GIA
6. Raha by Natureland
7. Raha Stonemill
8. Baker & Spice
9. Urban Cafe
10. The Gathering Bistro
11. Sin-Less
12. Cova
13. Skinny/Fork
14. The Chocolate Bar
15. Prime & Toast
16. Casper
17. Zaatar W Zeit
18. The Early Bird
19. PAUL
20. The Breakfast Club
21. The Baking Tray
22. Le Pain Quotidien
23. Starbucks
24. Walls
25. Socrates Bakery
26. Bakelicious
27. Fogoda
28. Eggcelent
29. The Uptown
30. Uovo

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